Nov 18, 2013 Week News Selection — Consumers & New Technologies

My selection of interesting weekly news affecting Consumers & New Technologies — presented in no particular order. As always, feel free to give me your feedback or other selections by tweeting at me via @cruizgomez

Measuring country readiness in mHealth, mEducation and mBanking. “The Economist Intelligence Unit created the App Gap Index to measure market potential to deliver three services—healthcare, education and banking—via mobile broadband, in 20 countries.”

The regulation in the Mobile Industry. The Atlantic’s The Very Basic Thing It’s Still Illegal to Do With Your Mobile Phone highlights a curious fact, that “using a phone—purchased by you—to legally connect to another mobile network has broken federal law since October 2012″ in the US.

The future of Journalism and business models:

- Monday Notes’ “What to do with $250m in digital journalism? (II)” about alternative business models in journalism.

- Gigaom’s “Why the New York Times needs to think less about products and more about relationships” and an example of these types of alternative business models, based on the latest changes at the NYT: “Paywall 2.0 or the future of its subscription access plan – namely, micro-paywalls around specific topic areas or content verticals such as food, real estate and opinion”.

The Survavability of Internet Behemoths. Monday Notes'”Amazon and Apple Business Models” about the reasons behind the revenue generation of the two companies and the difference in the treatment they obtain by stocks and analysts.


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